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Average vs Scheduled Speeds

Some news from the thesis front:

I think I’ve finally perfected my method for linking real-time data with scheduled stops. This is a comparison of the average (weekly) scheduled speeds to the observed average speed for each stop->stop segment. Results that look roughly as expected are what we all hope for.

TTC - differences in observed and scheduled speeds

Note that each classification is broken into eight equal sized quantiles

There is a lot of information in that little gif! More than I can explain here. More to come…

Higher resolution here by the way. It’s interesting to look at even if you don’t know Toronto. Also, the line widths are determined by the number of trips scheduled for each segment.

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A Moment in Transit

Just a little update on and reminder of an earlier post:

Come on down to the Macaron Bar tonight for Final Friday! My friend Ivan and I are having our first little gallery show! It’s a collaborative project, mapping out the abstract space defined by the ghostlike threads of 300+ transit GPS transponders as they trace their way around the city for a single day.

Transit real-time prints

A quick and dirty cell-phone capture of a really nice looking piece.

Some of the smaller pieces start at $20 and could make a lovely little souvenir. We hope you’ll come by tonight (and I also strongly recommend the Minumentals show at the AAC tonight [and their open bar]), but the pieces should also be hanging for the next few weeks, so you can come by later if you don’t make it.

Here is the faceberk event. Yay art!

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I had an unusually clear thought the other day when a friend of mine asked my opinion, late and rhetorically: “How do we get people out of their cars? Free them from their chains!”

It’s always nice to see others hold a familiar old opinion up to you, its gauziness so apparent with just a little light behind it. I replied all too seriously:
What we must do is convince them that they have already committed themselves to our own favourite fetters.

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Sidewalk ‘Sneckdown’

If the Internet is to use snow to make the case for roadway narrowing, it seems only fair to do the same for sidewalks. This one on East 13th Street might safely be narrowed to no more than 18 inches, allowing cars more room to operate safely, perhaps even adding another lane or allowing higher speed limits.

Sidewalk 'Sneckdown'

A slippery slope

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Cincinnati Real-time Prints at Final Friday

Final Friday!


Drink the free wine of new or only moderately successful artists!


Buy maps!


This and more, Friday, February 27th, evening, at the Macaron Bar, 1206 Main Street, OTR. Also, they have cookies which are actually quite good.

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I’ve recently become involved with a new podcast over on the Meddling with Nature blog, where I also happen to be a fairly regular contributor. Our second episode was about ‘roadkill’, a topic I’ve discussed here before as well. As it seems only so rarely that the different aspects of my generalist interests overlap, I can get quite excited and hope to cement the connections; it is in this eager spirit of cement that I share with you in the transportation world, a relevant part of my more philosophical and psychological interests.

Link to the episode

Also, if you’re curious, you can hear my douchy sounding voice, which is something that happens less often than I’d like on a some of blogs I read. Bloggers have bodies too!

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