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Why has a site called the Cincinnati Transit Blog not weighed in on the results of the recent election in Cincinnati? Why no comment about the probably impending doom of the streetcar plan? Nothing at all about the wild efforts to save the project?

Because none of it has anything to do with transportation.1

No local politician I’ve seen has anything serious or honest to say about transit, and it doesn’t look like any substantial changes are coming as a result of the election. The whole thing is most essentially about the way the city wants to see itself, and the way Over-The-Rhine can increase it’s property values; both are legitimate issues for public concern, but neither is essentially a transit or evenĀ  transportation issue.

If these statements strike you as odd, I hope you’ll explore my eight-part series on the streetcar project. There’s really a lot of meaning to unpack from the way the City, the public, and politicians have been talking about this project, the ways people have thought about it, and what it would actually mean for people trying to go somewhere.

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  1. I overstate this only slightly for effect.
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