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A silly academic paper about Cincinnati’s 591-6000 roadkill dataset

I wrote this paper for a class, not for an actual audience, so please moderate your harshest criticisms. It was the final project of my last class ever!! Such relief.

A silly paper

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Recursive grids for density measures

I’ve been wanting to do this for ages… and I finally did!

The idea is this:

  1. Create a square.
  2. If the square has more than n things inside it, divide it into four parts.
  3. Do the same for each of those squares and so on recursively.

My recent pet project1, cul-de-sacs (threshold = 10 or less per):


Dayton got a bit cut off, unfortunately. Trust me though: it has plenty of sprawl! This image sort of gives you an idea how the process works.

Population density, based on 2010 census blocks (threshold = 100 people or less per):

population density cincinnati quadgrid

14 levels deep! This one took a couple hours. Click through for a larger image.

Many more to come, I’m sure, now that I’ve written the script…

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  1. I love the idea of a density measure of sprawl!
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sticking around


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KINDA T-shirts now available

Just in time for Xmas, KINDA t-shirts are now available for purchase at Rock, Paper, Scissors in Over-the-Rhine!

KINDA logo

(I also have the TANK T-shirts there too)

TANK Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky logo

The KINDA shirts are printed on grey-white Gildan tees in small through extra large. The TANK shirts are printed on a slightly lighter Tultext 50/50 cotton/poly tee, available in small through large. The TANK shirts are available in both brown and grey.

Price is $20. If you’re not able to make it to OTR, you can also just email me and have one delivered straight to your door(!) for an extra $5 shipping.

Wear one to your next public meeting! Or while you’re riding your bike past some poor bus stuck in traffic ;-)

Who the hell named these transit agencies anyway?

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Car Wars: Return of the Gentry

Star Wars is not a story of a war between stars but a war about them. Stars set the scale of the series, it’s characters travelling in great loops about their massive references, always thinking on the scale of planets and moons and whole races of people. As the scale of their epic battle dictates the scale of their thoughts and attacks, so cars set the scale of our struggle today. Our American lives orbit these machines.

At the height of the battle we see our powerful protagonists, the rich, on the edge of a knife splitting between dark and light, seclusion or civilization. The tide is turning, and the rebel alliance may gain the upper hand…

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SORTA’s hiring a Planning Intern


I won’t vouch for the quality of this job, nor will I mislead anyone into thinking the application process is easy or fun. I’ve applied myself a couple time for past job openings at SORTA never to get more than an automated email in reply. This is not very satisfying after spending an hour retyping my resume for the clumsy and redundant online application form…

Still, for someone who isn’t me, this could be a good opportunity to see how a transit agency works from the inside. And it pays, which can’t be said of the City of Cincinnati’s planning internships.

Also, if anyone reading this ends up getting the job, I will literally bribe you for access to the (public record, surely) automated passenger count data you’ll be working with.

The job description:

DESCRIPTION The Service Planning Internship at SORTA/Metro is an excellent learning experience that involves exposure to actual projects and requirements found in the public transportation sector. This internship will focus on ridership data collection and complying with the Federal Transit Administration’s National Transit Database program reporting requirements.
DUTIES Help Metro’s Service Analyst collect, enter, and analyze ridership data. The overall objective is to test the ridership and passenger mileage information being collected by Automatic Passenger Counters (APCs) installed on Metro’s buses. Manually collect passenger boarding and alighting data by reviewing onboard video and recording the required data. Prepare reports that compare the manually and automatically collected data to determine if any APCs need to be recalibrated to achieve specific confidence levels. Responsible for mapping routing patterns for Metro’s XTRA Service routes. This process will involve working with Metro’s scheduling software to trace designated routes throughout the service area. The intern will gain an understanding of how Metro designs bus routes and schedules. Learning opportunity regarding data collection and analysis, sampling procedures and report writing within the transit industry, while gaining practical work experience. Conduct real project(s) that will provide a better appreciation of the responsibilities of a Transit Service Planner and a greater understanding of this important job as you consider your career options.
QUALIFICATIONS Pursuing a Planning, Urban Affairs, Geography degree or related field. Two or more years of undergraduate studies. Demonstrated success in academics. Excellent MS Excel Skills and understanding of database programs. Self-Starter; ability to take the lead on assignments and work with limited supervision. Resourceful, energetic, goal-oriented. All qualified candidates should complete the on-line application and include a cover letter and resume.

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