SORTA’s stop-level ridership stats are out

And here they are! I haven’t had a chance to really thoroughly pick through them yet. The data is a bit messy and I still need to write a little script to walk through that flat text file to clean it up before doing a join with the list of stop locations. But go ahead and poke around it yourself to see if you can find anything interesting. I’ll be able to get around to making some maps from this and comparing it with the 2009 data later this week or next. I’ll also share it again in a cleaned up format once I finish compiling it.

In related news, SORTA is reporting a 4.2% increase in ridership for 2012 over the previous year. I took a quick look into the National Transit Database to see how this compared to earlier years and immediately ran into a higher figure for unlinked trips in 2011 than was reported in that story for 2012. So I probably need to learn more about the methodology behind both numbers. For now, let’s celebrate a short term increase in transit use, and leave the potential downer of longitudinal context for later. Statistics is messy!

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