A Moment in Transit

Just a little update on and reminder of an earlier post:

Come on down to the Macaron Bar tonight for Final Friday! My friend Ivan and I are having our first little gallery show! It’s a collaborative project, mapping out the abstract space defined by the ghostlike threads of 300+ transit GPS transponders as they trace their way around the city for a single day.

Transit real-time prints

A quick and dirty cell-phone capture of a really nice looking piece.

Some of the smaller pieces start at $20 and could make a lovely little souvenir. We hope you’ll come by tonight (and I also strongly recommend the Minumentals show at the AAC tonight [and their open bar]), but the pieces should also be hanging for the next few weeks, so you can come by later if you don’t make it.

Here is the faceberk event. Yay art!

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Cincinnati Real-time Prints at Final Friday

Final Friday!


Drink the free wine of new or only moderately successful artists!


Buy maps!


This and more, Friday, February 27th, evening, at the Macaron Bar, 1206 Main Street, OTR. Also, they have cookies which are actually quite good.

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