The beginnings of a very nerdy and exciting walkshed analysis of Cincinnati’s transit network

After more than a month spent casually fooling around with PgRouting, a network analysis extension for PostGIS, I finally have all the dependencies sorted out and the program successfully installed! Basically, this will enable calculations like finding the shortest path between two points, solving traveling salesman problems, and most interestingly for us, calculating the minimum cost/distance to any other point in the network. What all that means is that I can now make really cool maps like this that use actual street network topology rather than distance as-the-crow-flies to calculate travel times/distances.

Walking distance from the Ft. Wright transit hub

A depiction of the walking distance from the Ft Wright Transit Hub to anywhere, delimited with approximate one and ten mile bands(Just because I can!)

I promise you’ll have some very neat things to look at in the near future! I’d like to use this tool to finally get a solid idea of what areas around here are really accessible by convenient transit and not just seemingly adjacent to a line that’s either low-frequency or inaccessible by foot.

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Going to NKY

This is just a quick follow-up on a previous post. I want to clarify where you should wait when you’re trying to get across the river from Downtown to Northern Kentucky. There are just a few places you can stand to get all or most lines crossing the river in a certain direction.

First, when you’re trying to go to Newport from Downtown, you can come here to catch the Shuttle, #11, #12, #16, or #25:

Wait here for Newport

Vine St between 3rd and 4th, Downtown Cincinnati.

Make sure you get the shuttle going the correct direction! Both directions will pass by here, but they say on the sides where they’re going.

Southbank Shuttle to Newport

Southbank Shuttle to Newport

Going to Covington from Downtown, you want to wait here for any of the #1, #3, #5, #7, #11, #12, #16, #25, or #33 buses:

wait here for covington

4th St between Walnut and Main, Downtown Cincinnati

You won’t be waiting long here. All buses heading from Downtown to Covington will go through the transit center(pictured below) but many of them will go a bit beyond, so stay on if it’s going the right direction for you. Otherwise, you can hop off and walk.

Going from Covington to Downtown, you’re surest bet for a short wait is the Covington Transit Center, where you can catch anything, even an express line, so long as it’s going Downtown. Both directions go through here though, so ask the driver if you’re unsure which way they’re headed.

wait here for downtown from covington

The Covington Transit Center, corner of Madison and Rivercenter

If you’re just going across the river and not too far beyond any of these should work for you. If you’re going further you’ll likely need to make sure you know exactly which line you’re waiting for and check a schedule.

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