At least and
Not badly, they
Know their role

Only working here for now
Ready to defend
The way things

Haiku is dumb. Or perhaps just poorly transliterated?

Iambic tetrameter???

I rode the TANK and I did see
a friendly driver condescend
to stop the bus and wait for me
the only rider end to end.

“Remove your hoods!” the speaker blares,
the driver has gone mute it seems.
UncivilĀ  stretch from here to there,
we nod our heads and sheath our dreams.

I think these work better for English, but maybe I just like rhymes like some sort of poetic simpleton.

And fuck SORTA, by the way. Those damn speakers are dehumanizing and awful. They said they were for ad revenues and now they have the system in place they’re abusing us with their own radio voice actor shit every ten damn seconds.

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A bus wrapped in smooth metal sheathing,
the City insists on bequeathing.
It goes round in eights,
while suburbia hates,
and Metro regresses to teething.

One more; These are supposed to be dirty!

There once was a hipster named Lore
who threw out her car in a horror.
She gathered up tokens
then suffered the pokin’s
of a dirty old man on the four.

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