Updated Cincinnati Transit Map now available

It’s been available for a while, but I’m now more confident that I actually have everything in the right place ;-)

Cincinnati Transit Map

The main PDF version can be found at:
That’s where I’ll always keep the best/most-up-to-date regional transit map that I have floating around.

And now

This map is like a teenage romance for me; full of lust and zealous ambition, it was exciting! And it’s what got me properly interested in transit and cartography. I can even say it’s landed me a couple real jobs. It’s usually the first thing people mention about me if I’m being introduced, reliably conjuring an “Oh! You’re that guy! I love that map!” That was such a great feeling at first!

But we all grow out of those romances and I now look back at it as a piece of myself irretrievably far away. How mothers keep loving their children, this designer will never know; proximity to my creations grows my boredom.

The project has been a success by every measure I can think of.
But I’m sick of it now. I’m sick of looking at it, using it as a bookmark, and hearing about it. I’m sick of updating it and being responsible for it. The Map and I have grown apartĀ  and it will not be updated again.

A big question for me then: What’s next?

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