March 8th, 2013

We passed a little milestone yesterday…the Cincinnati Transit Blog has officially had more than 100 comments! I want to thank everyone who’s joined in the discussion so far and encourage everyone else to join in where you can. Y’all make me keep it real ;-)

I’d also like to point out some posts that gathered particularly interesting discussions or informative comments. They’re worth reading as much as my writing is, so check them out.

Also, since some of you clearly know a lot about transit, transportation, and cities I’m going to open the door to guest posts. If you’ve been following along you probably have a decent idea what I’d be looking for, but I’d particularly love a good, articulate post refuting something I’ve said or at least poking some serious holes in it. Are you a huge fan of the streetcar and think you can establish it’s legitimacy through reasoned argument? Do it! Posts that feel political or populist however are discouraged. Interested? Send me an email with your idea before you start writing.

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