2008 ridership data-a preliminary retrospective analysis

November 18th, 2012
2008 preliminary stop analysis

A preliminary analysis of ridership by stop in 2008, not including TANK, and not properly displaying dense areas, therefore not properly indicating the intensity of the most intense stops. But it’s enough to see strong patterns, and that’s better than nothing!

statistics for 2008 one day boardings

~71,000 people boarded SORTA buses on one day in March 2008.
The mean stop boarded 9.5 people, the median only 1(!) person.
Individual stops boarded between 0 and ~1450 people, though I’m sure government square hasn’t been counted as a single stop, thus diminishing that larger number.

Mean SORTA bus stop location

The mean location of all 5,000+ stops was
3825 Spring House Lane
Cincinnati Ohio 45217
Thanks to Google for the satellites

Here’s the data: all_stops_2008

There’s a data CD with the current ridership-by-stop info coming in the mail any day now from the friendly planners at SORTA so we can all look forward to a much more detailed analysis of the new stuff once I get it. I love public planning meetings. They’re always the perfect opportunity to ask questions that in email would likely be ignored(like “Can you please give me all of your data?”).

Rule #1 of urban planning is that if you don’t show up to the public meetings, you will have less franchise than if you do. You’ve all already missed (or didn’t) the public meetings for SORTA’s preliminary transit plan, but it’s not too late to send emails. I’ve been advised that Sallie Hilvers will field comments/suggestions/questions by email and pass them on to the right people.

More commentary on that preliminary plan coming momentarily.

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