Back Door Please

January 30th, 2014

When you’re preparing to disembark the bus, please look ahead to your stop before the bus reaches it. Does it look like there people about to get on? If so, now is the time to leave through the back door.

Leaving through the front door when people are trying to get on slows down the bus for everyone still on board because the people boarding have to wait for you to clear the door before they can step in and make their payment. If you go out the back door, the bus can unload you at the same time it’s loading other passengers, and everyone can be on their way more quickly. This is particularly important at major stops like Government Square where I’ve seen thirty people take a whole minute to file out through the front door while thirty more people waited anxiously to board. What the hell, people?

Over time, if everyone does little things like this to keep out of the way, schedule planners can start to assume that less time will be spent at stops boarding passengers and they’ll build less padding into their timetables. Quicker buses, less delay, a few less seconds standing out in the cold…and all we have to do is go out the back door. They put it there for a reason ;-)

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