Bike Map Update: August 14 2014

August 14th, 2014

C’est fini!

The map will be on the presses shortly and should be ready for distribution by the end of August. I had actually finished just before I left for Europe a couple weeks ago, but there was a little trouble with the folding that delayed things. I had to wait until my new (European) phone plan kicked in to let me call my partner who is now working with the printer for me.

That link up there goes to the folder where I’m keeping the most recent raster version of the map for the printer. It may yet be updated a teeny bit. PLEASE NOTE that the color is not optimised for RGB yet. I designed this for a specific printer/paper and, trust me, the colors look better on paper. You can get a bit closer to seeing the actual color of the map by looking at this image. Once I get back home and back to my desktop computer, I’ll be able to work on an RGB color-corrected PDF version for the web. I thought y’all might like something to look at in the meantime though :-)

Also note that there is a 1/3″ bleed included in those images which will be trimmed off. That too will change in the PDF/web version.

I can’t wait to see these little buggers finished! ^-^

5 responses to “Bike Map Update: August 14 2014”

  1. Jeffrey Bridgman says:

    Is stop sign information included on the map? Or does OpenStreetMaps lack that data, therefore it’s not on the map?

    • Nate Wessel says:

      It’s not because:
      1. It’s inconsistent in OSM, both in tagging style and in completeness. There would be at least several thousand signs yet to be added within the scope of the map.
      2. It’s not clear to me that they can be represented well at this scale without obscuring other more important things.

      I’ll address this point a bit more in a paper I need to finish writing and submit to a journal.

  2. James Braye says:

    Hey Nate,

    Thanks for letting us contribute to the project, it looks great and I hope to see some people out and about with these maps.

    As a quick heads up, there is a spelling error in the “Amtrak” section of the map.

    Good work!