CAGIS Buildings to be Imported into OSM

December 11th, 2018

Meanwhile in the world of OpenStreetMap, Minh Nguyen and I have been putting together a proposal for the import of CAGIS’s building footprint dataset which has been recently listed under a public domain license. This would add about 295,000 building footprints to OpenStreetMap in Hamilton County, many with address and height information. To any OSM contributors who may be perusing this blog, we’re still processing the data and could use all the help we can get once it comes time to actually do the import and especially when we need to get our hands dirty with some manual conflation. For the rest of you, map users, data consumers, etc, get ready for a more complete OSM in Cincinnati!

Post Script: For the especially keen, Minh has compiled a vast and surprisingly interesting summary of OSM completeness in the Cincinnati MSA (and Ohio).

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