CAGIS Buildings to be Imported into OSM

December, '18

Historical SORTA real-time data available

October, '17

Historical vehicle location data

May, '17

A silly academic paper about Cincinnati’s 591-6000 roadkill dataset

December, '16

An update on the real-time display development

August, '15

Recursive grids for density measures

June, '15

Local OSM spotted in the wild

April, '15

GIF of the day

March, '15

Average vs Scheduled Speeds

February, '15

SORTA’s Real-time API Now Available for Developers

January, '15

“without raising fares”

December, '14

Making tracks

December, '14

Discovering the Space-Time Dimensions of Schedule Padding and Delay from GTFS and Real-Time Transit Data

December, '14

Another Stab at the 2014 Ridership Dataset

November, '14

Sunlight reaches the pale flesh of CAGIS

November, '14

Tree Map!

November, '14

Schedule Padding in Time

October, '14

Delay Variance Through Time

October, '14

A very preliminary bus tardiness distribution

September, '14

Predicting a distribution of bus tardiness

September, '14

Dreaming of Open Data

September, '14

1/3 of Hamilton County streets are dead-ends

August, '14

A brief glimpse of the Bike Map

July, '14

Historic Transit Schedules and Maps Now Available

July, '14

GIF Mapping Differential Passenger Flows: preliminary results

May, '14

Transit Use by Time of Day

May, '14

2014 Ridership Data Now Available

May, '14

Stop Dispersion, Inter-agency Comparison

April, '14

Transit Stop Dispersion

April, '14

No riders at all?

February, '14

SORTA’s real-time arrival data delayed until April

January, '14

Crossings & Cul-de-sacs

November, '13

Mid-year Ridership Update

October, '13

An approximation of service frequency

October, '13

Finding the center

September, '13

Updated Frequencies

August, '13

SORTA releases changed schedules

August, '13

The Coffee Project Day 7: bohemianism meets routing algorithms

July, '13

The beginnings of a very nerdy and exciting walkshed analysis of Cincinnati’s transit network

July, '13

OpenStreetMap continues to develop

June, '13

SORTA: Set your data free!

April, '13

How fast is the bus?

March, '13

A guide to local transit and other geospatial data

March, '13

Long-Term Transit Trends

February, '13

SORTA’s stop-level ridership stats are out

January, '13

Hamilton County Street Addresses

January, '13

Mapping ridership on a linear corridor

January, '13

‘The Streetcar’ – 2 – Errors of Geometry: split one-ways are dumb

December, '12

2008 ridership data-a preliminary retrospective analysis

November, '12

Bunching, or why the buses all come at once

October, '12