DAAPworks tomorrow! (April 28 ’15)

April 27th, 2015

Well, it will also be up for a week or so after that, but tomorrow is the night with all the people and the free food. If y’all haven’t been to DAAPworks before, it’s DAAP’s senior show, and it’s actually got a lot of interesting work in the areas of transport, civic design, cartography, and architecture1.

My quick run through the building today, on my way to see the cranky ogres who run the plotting machines in the photo cave, dredged up at least five truly gorgeous maps, most of those local, and two of them definitely using OSM! It’s so rarely we get to see such pretty things. Here, to whet your desires, is a map from a DAAPworks of a couple years past, not my own, that I think is just incredible.

gogeous map from DAAPworks that needs attributionLike this one, a lot of the maps that are most beautiful don’t actually make much sense if you think about them too hard, or even a little. But such things, maps, landscapes, transit plans, buildings, are worth seeing, I think, because they remind us of the potential for grace and beauty in all things, good, bad, or nonsensical — and perhaps also of the excitement of the mind untamed by repetitive mental labor and cautious hedging.

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  1. It maybe has some other stuff too, but I wouldn’t know about that.

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