January 22nd, 2015

Mysterious Image…you should be able to guess what this is if you’ve been reading the blog lately. You should also then know why I’m very, very excited about it :-)

5 responses to “Foreshadowing”

  1. Really nice map Nate! I liked the colors. Did you do it in python or R? I made a kind of similar map using the GTFS data from Rio de Janeiro Brazil (I will post it in my blog soon). The point is, I used R to make my map, and I am still thinking if I should move on to python as I am planning to generate some transport accessibility analysis. What do you think?

    • Nate Wessel says:

      I pulled the data with Python, processed and stored it with PostGIS, and rendered it with QGIS.

      You have used QGIS before, right? R is great, but nothing compares to a proper GIS for cartographic visualization. Any sort of design/visualization really requires a fairly quick GUI for playing with colors and stuff visually, which is where R and other scripts fail, IMO.

      • I agree and I am migrating from ArcGis to QGIS, but I really wanted to “code” my maps in QGIS. Or at least, I wish I could export the code behind a map after a finish the project. Do you if this is possible, to make tha map with point and click and then export the code behind it?

      • Nate Wessel says:

        Well, I know QGIS’s project files are just XML. You can also export XML style files for any map layer, and import them into other projects. You may also be interested in CartoCSS, though to be honest, even though it’s easy to read and understand, I don’t know that it works with any software outside of Mapbox Studio, which has it’s own distinct limitations as a GIS ;-).

        But even if you don’t “export” the code, I find that the GUI is still totally necessary for any iterative design process. Once I know what it should look like, it’s never too hard to translate that manually into a fairly simple set of rules. It’s knowing what it should look like that’s the difficult part.

  2. I totally see your point. ps. I still need to explore Mapbox, though. Best wishes!