Historic Transit Schedules and Maps Now Available

July 12th, 2014

That massive trove of historic Cincinnati transit data, which I teased the world with last month, is now available at OpenDataCincy.org!

The file listing is not the prettiest or most navigable yet, but it’s up and available, and we’re working on improving the formatting.

Check it out here.

Huge thanks to John Back of OpenDataCincy for hosting all these gigabytes and Dave Walters of the CTHA for providing the data. If any of you have old schedules or maps that you don’t see in this listing, Dave would like to borrow them! Leave a comment and I’ll put y’all in touch.

2 responses to “Historic Transit Schedules and Maps Now Available”

  1. Tim Bender says:

    Haven’t been able to find the data on the site. Any hints?