Ice Cream for Bike Maps

April 11th, 2014

Friends, supporters, people who find my work mildly interesting,
Please join me this Sunday (Apr 13, 2014), 3-5pm at Rhinegeist in OTR for Cincy Sundaes where I’ll be pitching my Cincinnati Bike Map project. TheĀ  basic idea is this:

  1. Come to the event
  2. Pay $5 for an ice cream sundae
  3. Listen to me and three other people talk about our projects for a few minutes while you eat
  4. Vote for your favourite project
  5. That project gets all the money from the sundae sales, plus a match.

This marks the start of my fundraising efforts for the Cincinnati Bike map, a project I haven’t mentioned much here in a while, but which I’ve been working on intensely for the last few months. Below is a snippet from the legend just to whet your interest.


bike map legend

I’ll leave a detailed description of the project for another time(I’m writing a paper on it now), but I hope you’ll join me this Sunday to find out more and support the project!

3 responses to “Ice Cream for Bike Maps”

  1. Matt Jacob says:

    Nate, great job yesterday. There were a lot of great projects there, and I think yours was just harder for people that aren’t already familiar with your other awesome maps to visualize without blown up picture boards like the other projects. Plus events like that tend to come down to a popularity contest and who brings the most friends, not necessarily the best idea.

    I’m really liking the teaser above and can’t wait to see the finished product. Good luck on your fundraising campaign and might I suggest a different avenue of finding grant money: They fund things similar to yours and I can help you make introductions if you need my help. Also it might be good to partner with local bike riding groups who will use the maps like Urban Basin Bicycle Club, Wasson Way, the Cincinnati Bike Center on the Banks, etc. to solicit donations at a table when they have scheduled rides or talk to local bike shops about selling the maps in their store.

    Keep up the good work

    • Nate Wessel says:

      Thanks. And thanks for coming :-)
      I didn’t come in expecting to win, but I definitely knew the game was over when the first group started out with a dance number! Oh well, just get up there and do the thing you practiced…remember to consider hula hoops and a unicycle for the next pitch…

      I just took a look at the Fuel website and started typing up an application. You’re actually the second one from the event to suggest it so I’m considering that a good way to go. Last time two people suggested a potential funding option to me it turned out pretty well!

      I’ll definitely be hitting up some bike groups for sponsorships soon.

      Cross your fingers for me,