KINDA T-shirts now available

November 15th, 2014

Just in time for Xmas, KINDA t-shirts are now available for purchase at Rock, Paper, Scissors in Over-the-Rhine!

KINDA logo

(I also have the TANK T-shirts there too)

TANK Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky logo

The KINDA shirts are printed on grey-white Gildan tees in small through extra large. The TANK shirts are printed on a slightly lighter Tultext 50/50 cotton/poly tee, available in small through large. The TANK shirts are available in both brown and grey.

Price is $20. If you’re not able to make it to OTR, you can also just email me and have one delivered straight to your door(!) for an extra $5 shipping.

Wear one to your next public meeting! Or while you’re riding your bike past some poor bus stuck in traffic ;-)

Who the hell named these transit agencies anyway?

2 responses to “KINDA T-shirts now available”

  1. I actually love SORTA and TANK compared to their counterparts across the region. They’re missing out on some opportunities for creative livery:

    – Cincinnati On Wheels (COW)
    – Purple People Mover (from Terminal 3 to Sawyer Point)

    Too bad the subway never got finished:

    – Cincinnati and Hamilton County Underground (CHUG!)

    • Nate Wessel says:


      I keep trying to think of something for KINDA to stand for, though nothing starts with “K”:
      -Kentucky’s Indiginous-people’s Northern Diaspora…Agency

      -Kittens Interspersed Nicely… I don’t know