Let it be Archived

August 6th, 2019

Since I have not updated this website in quite a while and don’t see much opportunity now for so doing, I am considering the site to be an archive of my past work. To that end I’m changing the layout and style a bit to make things somewhat cleaner and easier to search. My hope is that the site degrades more or less gracefully as the Internet continues on its way. I am keeping the maps prominently on the front page, though of course they too will be more and more out of date as time goes on. The Bike Map was made in 2015 and the Transit Map initially in 2011.

For the record, there are some posts on the blog that I now consider as … um … characteristic of a less mature thinker. But my feeling is that it’s better to keep the record intact than to revise away the indiscretions of youth, none of which were really all that terrible anyway.

I’d like to thank the small cohort of readers and collaborators who helped me with my various projects while this site was active. It was a good time, and you were part of it.

For anyone interested in keeping up with my ongoing work and writing, please find me at http://www.natewessel.com.

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