Local OSM spotted in the wild

April 15th, 2015

Spotted this map while out and about yesterday (…and quickly appropriated it for the geography grad office).

osm-screenprint mapPeople I don’t know making maps?? WHHAAAAT? How exciting! And screen-printed no less.

As everyone may or may not know, there’s no obvious and standard ontology in the world of cartography and map data, meaning that each dataset has its own way of describing and encoding the objects of the world. Its own familiar quirks. I was able to pick this out as OSM data by the too-thick blotches in the railyard, where I remembered I had failed to properly classify some of the shorter segments.

One response to “Local OSM spotted in the wild”

  1. Neato! You can also tell it’s OSM because of the gap where Central Ave. connects to the bend in Central Pky. The map apparently omits highway=secondary_link ways.

    Crafted in Cincinnati indeed!