Metro Plush service a hit with riders

October 21st, 2013

KINDA, the Kentucky, Indiana and Norwood-area Dispersal Agency, announced ridership figures today for several new routes that were rolled out recently in a package of service changes. One service in particular, the ‘Metro Plush‘, revealed particularly strong ridership since it’s initiation just weeks ago in mid-August.

Cincinnati Metro Plus

The Metro Plush offers direct, limited stop service between the bureau, lamp and washstand every fifteen minutes Monday through Friday. In the past, many routes required a transfer at the washstand for passengers coming from the bureau and traveling to the lamp, a sore point for many busy commuters. “We’ve heard from many of our customers since the changes took effect,” said KINDA communications director Sally Hiller, “and many of them have been quite pleased to be able to make a faster, more direct trip to and from the bedroom’s most popular light source.”

The basic demographic statistics released in the report reveal that most of the new Metro Plush riders are commuters and Lego people.

transit idership chart

There has also been a significant contingent of the smaller teddy bears from around the bedroom-bathroom area.

“We’re very pleased with the new service” said Mr. Teddy as he headed toward the bureau, “It’s just very convenient.”

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