SORTA’s new fare cards

January 1st, 2013

Using transit is now a whole lot easier! Both transit agencies now offer ten-ride fare cards for sale at the Downtown transit store in the Mercantile Center.

ten ride cincinnati transit cards

TANK’s had their cards for a bit longer.

SORTA’s are supposedly also available at 10 other locations around the city, and TANK’s are definitely available through the mail if you order online. Last time I ordered some, they miraculously got to my mailbox in less than 24 hours. That’s pretty impressive.

When you get on the bus, just insert your card vertically into the slot above where you would normally put your cash. Wait a second and it’ll come back out with the time stamped on it and one ride electronically subtracted.

The best part: Not only do they fit in your wallet, and are thus easier to remember to bring than tokens, two of them together are actually thinner than a single credit card.

transit cards thinner than a credit card

Two transit cards are 0.59mm thick

credit card thickness

One credit card is 0.77mm thick

They’re good for the most basic trip, meaning zone 1 in Cincinnati, and any non-express trip in Kentucky. You can probably use them for more expensive trips if you pay the difference in coins, but don’t be that person ;-)

Awesome. Welcome to the bandwagon, Cincinnati!

transit cards

For just 2.57mm you can go almost anywhere!

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