New Night-time Transit Map

October 9th, 2012

Hold on to your hats everyone, there’s a new transit map in town!

night-time transit map

A map of lines running after 10pm every single day

The night-time map shows transit lines that run after 10pm every single night, Sundays and holidays included. The graphic in the bottom right also indicates last departure times by direction and day of week.

Quick analysis: Downtown is the best place to have a few drinks. Not a big surprise there. Campbell county is not doing so well.

Since there are inevitably a few things to change with any new graphic like this, please leave suggestions in the comments. Road or city with the wrong name? Something not clear? Something that should be added? Let me know!

2 responses to “New Night-time Transit Map”

  1. PCjr says:

    The night-time transit map could be useful, but the color scheme makes it hard to read, probably impossible at night, not to mention very printer-unfriendly.

  2. […] of the frequency map, Wessel has continued to improve upon it while also developing a separate night-time map, and one that focuses on center city transit service. To support those efforts, he launched a […]