OpenStreetMap continues to develop

June 9th, 2013

OpenStreetMap, the wiki map of the world, continues to delight me.

I’ve been slowly entering transit information over the last few months and while the effort is far from finished I’ve got most of the important lines and many of the major stops entered now. One result is the first and only web-map1 of transit services in Cincinnati.

[osm_map lat=”39.099″ long=”-84.51″ zoom=”13″ width=”500″ height=”500″ extmap_type=”OSM” extmap_name=”Cincy_Transport_Layer” extmap_address=”${z}/${x}/${y}.png” extmap_init=”tileOptions: {crossOriginKeyword: null}” type=”ext”]

Such a thing is useful because it allows users to dig deep into information-dense places like downtown(or their own neighborhoods) while allowing them to skim over sparse or irrelevant areas. The need for that ability is the reason most good printed transit maps exaggerate dense areas like downtowns and condense suburban service dramatically. A web map however is able to preserve topographic accuracy while filling the same need for differential detail. It’s more able to let individual users focus on what information is important to them without the designer needing to make as many assumptions.

Move around in the above map and if you see anything wrong let me know or have a go at correcting it yourself!

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  1. Known as a slippy map.

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