Some things from the before-times

April 16th, 2014

I just yesterday met this wonderful guy, Dave Walters, from the Cincinnati Transit Historical Association. He’s been scanning old documents related to transit in Cincinnati, and he just shared several gigs of his work so far with me. Schedules dating back to the 20’s and 30’s, maps, planning documents…so much incredibly interesting stuff…

I asked if he’d mind if I hosted the documents online for y’all to peruse and he said he’d have to check with the CTHA first…but in the meantime, I can post a few teasers: some random pretty maps from the 1948 Cincinnati master plan.

1948 - Cincinnati Public Transit Plan pg 19

1948 - Cincinnati Public Transit Plan pg 61

1948 - Cincinnati Public Transit Plan pg 9

And here’s what route #1 looked like in 1964:

Cincinnati Route 1 in 1964

Dave, you have my thanks, and for the rest of you, hopefully you can look forward to seeing a lot more of this stuff soon! It’s amazing to see how much and how little some things have changed in the last 80+ years. Hopefully I’ll also be able to pull some useful data out of the maps and schedules (beside just drooling over the thoughtful pre-GIS cartography).

Also, I’m planning to attend the next meeting of the CTHA, if anyone wants to join me and (make me) not feel like the only new person there. It’s Saturday May 17th, 7:30pm at the Queensgate Garage. Come on out!

3 responses to “Some things from the before-times”

  1. Tim Bender says:

    WOW. This stuff needs to get online ASAP. Can I send you an SD card for you to dump your gigs onto for me?

  2. Dave Walters says:

    I just wanted to post a quick note – I am still working on the CTHA permissions.

    Tim – the material is copyrighted and no, you won’t be able to download the entire data set – it is for research only. Besides, it is an ongoing project and about every 3 months I will be giving a new version to upload.

    OKAY – the CHTA meeting is Saturday night at the Queensgate garage at 7:30 Pm – if you want to come, please do. I will be at Mac’s Pizza in Clifton Heights around 4 and will take the 6:54 PM westbound 31 to the garage. I will arrive around 7:10 and wait outside for me if you come on your own!

    OK – Metro schedule news – one new route – Route 68 – Sharonville connection will be added in June from Springdale Pike and Glendale Milford to Miami Jacobs Career Center – one trip each way weekdays.
    Route 75X deadhead trips (2 each way) will stop at the new racino at River Downs. Route 78 Springdale Vine trips will have the end of line changed to the Vineyard. Other routes (about 12) will have mostly time point running time adjustments.

    See you at the Meeting!