SORTA Drunk: “When it’s just better to take the bus”

July 16th, 2013

wine and spirits store sign

With apologies to the color-blind, it appears that SORTA has recently seen it’s first copy-cat business! Located right in the Mercantile Center, this liquor store shares a wall with that little shop where you can buy transit passes and pick up your route maps.

The Mercantile Center in Cincinnati

Did the owners subconsciously pick up some inspiration from their neighbor’s color scheme? Or did they think that SORTA’s brand colors could provoke some positive impressions for a business located across the street from thousands of daily transit users with a few minutes to kill?

SORTA brand colors

literally ten feet away

Either way, it would look to be a good indicator of the success of SORTA’s very consistent branding efforts. Perhaps we can all celebrate with a drink?

As far as I know, which isn’t very far, the only other place I’ve seen something like this is in Manhattan where several major shops who’s names and locations are lost to me prominently display signs that could very, very easily be mistaken for a subway entrance.

pitcher plant

Photo By David Eickhoff

By the way, can we seriously think about making the title of this post into the concept for SORTA’s next major ad campaign? When you have a name like that you simply must take advantage of it!

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