TANK service plan proposals

September 23rd, 2013

Surprise! TANK has prepared a lucid, well thought out and even decently mapped explanation of what exactly they might like to do with their routes in the future.

TANK service plan map

Provided by TANK

The description is even all tangled up with a survey to get your thoughts on the plan right as you’re having them! Go take it!

I’ve got a few of my own relatively minor critiques of the plan but I think by and large this is all very sensible and will constitute an overall improvement. Really, I just see a couple missed opportunities like the Southbank Shuttle alignment and the lack of consideration given to possible short Covington-to-Newport-and-back trips that would need higher (combined) frequencies to make them work. I’m particularly excited by the idea of a high-frequency(every 15 mins) corridor between Downtown Cincinnati and Latonia.

3 responses to “TANK service plan proposals”

  1. James Braye says:

    I’m interested in the 2X changes (specifically flexing). Does this mean that in any given run it can drive down Mineola?

    How does one get a return trip if the vehicle isn’t being flexed and they need to be picked up?

    • Nate Wessel says:

      My understanding is that the 2X would be simplified by cutting out the industrial park sections entirely. That would make it just simply for the airport-downtown trip, clean and simple.

      People in the industrial park area would get some sort of replacement on-demand service that would maybe drop them off at the airport so they could take the 2X in or maybe it would take them into Downtown or wherever they were going; I don’t know much about how that might work or how on-demand service currently works. I do know that it wouldn’t complicate things for the airport passengers since the goal of the change would be to simplify things for most people.