The Coffee Project Day 7: bohemianism meets routing algorithms

July 21st, 2013

It’s been seven days of hanging out in coffee shops since my pledge to not visit the same one twice. I’ve mostly been picking off the low-hanging fruit, having walked or biked everywhere so far.

day 7 map of the coffee project

all trips originated at my apartment which is symbolized here by a purple kitty

Trips have ranged between 0.5 and 4.5 miles and the coffee from delicious to Folgers.

preliminary data from the coffee project

Thus far my mode choice has been consistent with expectations. Walking trips have been under a mile and bicycles have swept the medium distances. With temperatures as they are I expect I’ll choose transit for longer trips or to get up any hills. I’ve been trying not to think too hard about these things so I don’t skew the results ;-)

I’ve also managed to discover during my daily coffee time a wonderful new routing function in PgRouting with an easy to remember name. Combining the coffee shop locations I already know about (~40 of them) with the network of streets, it lets me calculate shortest paths to all of them at once. Currently, the minimum distance to and from each coffee shop is around 460 miles…

The west side appears to be very poorly accounted for in this data.

The west side appears to be very poorly accounted for in this data.

… I might need to confine this project to the interior of the beltway!

Later on I’ll be using a similar function to identify coffee deserts or places with little or no access to public caffeine. The social justice implications of such deserts should be clear to every sleepy traveler.

One response to “The Coffee Project Day 7: bohemianism meets routing algorithms”

  1. Matthew Hall says:

    They drink vinegar, beer, and ‘pop’ on the westside, not coffee.