The new look

September 3rd, 2013

Hey there, regular readers!

In case none(neither?) of you have noticed, I’ve been working on a new design for the blog and the rest of the website. I decided to pretty fully embrace CSS3, HTML5, and the full range of things possible with SVG, including, yes, a return to the obnoxious blinking red text of the early web–albeit with a much more complex implementation.

New Header

If you’re using an early-ish version of Internet Explorer, may Dog have mercy on your soul. There are free services out there that will help you get back on the right path. I will not have the brutal renderings of non-standards-compliant browsers on my conscience.

Basically, like I did to my resume, I’m ever-so-slowly turning the whole site into a transit map, perhaps eventually a transit map that makes sense as such. Its always a fun exercise to turn conceptual connections into graphic ones, and graphic connections back into new conceptual connections. When I did that with my own life for my resume, I found a four-year-long dead-end in the network that I hadn’t ever noticed before. Yikes! With the benefit of extraneous perspective let’s hope it only takes a couple months to see the connections and transfer points to be drawn with this domain. Anyway, that’s the plan for the ‘big’ website. I’m also currently working on a very basic stylesheet specifically for small devices of all sorts that should aid those of you who can’t help swiping your dirty thumbs across my lovingly illustrated pages.

I hope you’ll send me some feedback as things change if you find anything terribly annoying or counterintuitive in the layout; it’s still very much a work in progress! As always, I’m also open to topic requests and/or guest posts.

Quick post script: I want to give a huge shout out to Ian Monk who helped me enormously a couple years ago as I was just starting this website and needed to get a page up quickly to host a PDF of the Frequency Map and some information about the project. I had no idea what I was doing(still don’t!) and he donated his time to deliver a small, fully functional website for me on short notice. I’ve since butchered his markup and extended it enormously, but it’s DNA is still visibly in there in spots. Thanks Ian!! You made this project possible for me at an important moment.

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