Finally, FINALLY! Bike Maps.

October 1st, 2014

The bike maps are coming! the bike maps are coming!
Shout it out your windows, from the rooftops, the bike maps are coming!!

Dear lordy I spent too much time on this project. But they’re here! Well, I have a handful of them as I write this, the rest of my little pannierful having been handed around the UC Geography Department this morning.

Sometime later today or tomorrow, I’m taking delivery from the printer of two pallets of boxes, together about the volume of a loveseat. A loveseat of maps. Eventually all of these boxes will leave my little apartment, which has no room for a loveseat, balanced either on wheels or feet. They’ll find their way out into your bicycle shops, your bars, your universities, your coffee parlours, your city, your chambers of commerce, into, I say, your very souls.

If anyone wants to save me the effort and accept some bike maps right now before I come knocking then throwing bike maps at your bedroom windows in the middle of the night, I’ll be very glad to deliver or ship, depending on how close y’all are.  Just send me an email with your name and address and how many you want. I can send one just for you, or a whole box if you want to hand them out to your customers, cycle club, etc. Shipping or delivery is free! These are free bike maps! And there are plenty enough to go around! Please do not hesitate to ask for some! Get extras. Take some into the office. Take some to your church. The next time a bum asks you for bus money, hand them a bike map and say: Haven’t you heard man? Bikes are the thing now!

Cincinnati Bike Maps

For indeed they are.

2 responses to “Finally, FINALLY! Bike Maps.”

  1. Delivered!
    I just weighed a bundle of maps so I could calculate postage. Then I multiplied: holy f*ck, I have a half ton of maps in my apartment.

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