Day One

July 15th, 2013

I decided a couple weeks ago, after returning from a long vacation on the east coast, that I was going to break out of my normal routine. Every morning pre-vacation I would wake up, grab my computer, and head out from my apartment in Pendelton to one of about 5 coffee shops within walking distance. I was in a rut. I was sick of the coffee, the people, and even the walk to get there. I’d been in Manhattan just a touch too long to be satisfied confining my perambulations to Over-the-Rhine alone!

I often have this realization and make promises to myself, too easily broken, that I’m going to shatter my routine. My pledge this time: I’m going to every single coffee shop in the metro area at least once and never to the same one twice until I completely exhaust my options. In an effort to hold myself accountable, I’ve decided to make a project of my commitment to diverse experience: I’m going to document every trip to every coffee shop including:

  • Mode used to get there(walk, transit, bike, helicopter, etc.)
  • Path taken(on the way there)
  • Review of the coffee shop building and it’s surroundings
  • Whether there was on-site parking
  • Type of people seen there(mostly students? Business meetings? )
  • How fun the trip was
  • How long it took me to get there
  • Time/Date of visit

or more precisely:

CREATE TABLE public.coffee_runs
gid integer NOT NULL DEFAULT nextval('coffee_runs_gid_seq'::regclass),
shop_name character varying,
trip_comments text,
coffee_comments text,
the_geom geometry(LineString,3735),
"time" timestamp without time zone DEFAULT now(),
type_of_folk text, -- What kind of people are here?
trip_fun_value integer, -- FUN: rated from 1 to 5, 5 being the most fun
trip_mins_taken integer,
mode character varying, -- bike, walk, transit, etc
on_site_parking boolean

The end result should be an interesting and esoteric map of coffee quality, trip types, and travel times from Downtown(ish). I’m extremely curious how the degree of trip-fun correlates with various areas of the city and modes of travel. A guess: The further out, the less fun. Hopefully there will be surprises!

Day one:

web cam picure from downtown starbucks

Starbucks, Downtown, second floor atrium, near Main and 6th. I have never been here before. (no statistically significant results just yet)

3 responses to “The Coffee Project: Day One”

  1. It also just occurred to me that noting the opening and closing hours would provide a good temporal indicator of public social activity throughout the region.

  2. What happens when a planner gets into the travel and review business? I don’t know, but it will surely be an interesting ride!

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