March 20th, 2015

Big news!

I’ve just accepted an offer from the University of Toronto, where I’ll be starting this fall in the urban planning PhD program and studying there under the tutelage of one Dr. Steven Farber. (Incidentally, he’s the one who, over the winter, clued me in to the TTC’s real-time data feed, which is the actual reason I’ve been looking at the TTC so much here lately.)

So… at some point over the summer, I’ll be packing all of my things and crossing the border, that other side whereon I project to live for the next four years, a Canadian1.

In a causally unrelated, though certainly correlated and fortuitous movement, my current adviser, Dr. Michael Widener will also be starting there in the fall as a professor in the geography department, in which happens to be housed the planning program. Moving buddies! 😀

I live as ever by the creed, “WWJJD”?2

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  1. …student visa holder
  2. What Would Jane Jacobs Do? Evidence suggests that she would move to Toronto, for in fact she did.

7 responses to “Toronto!”

  1. Congratulations, Nate! I guess this winter prepared you well for the next four years. Good luck with your studies!

  2. Chris Heckman says:

    Your critical account of the streetcar project here in Cincinnati has been referenced many times by streetcar critics masquerading as transit advocates. With your time in Toronto, do you have any updates to your criticisms of our city’s push to use rail to concentrate development in walkable urban corridors? Such use of rail seems to have worked well in a city with the largest rail infrastructure outside of New York City. Please share!

    • Streetcar critics may well be transit advocates too 😉

      But I’d be happy to do an update post. I must certainly have learned something useful in the years I’ve spent here. Look for it in the next week or so!

  3. […] been requested that I post offer some fresh thoughts on the issue of the Cincinnati streetcar project, in light of […]






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